A definite step towards the global integration of futsal

Zürich, 15 June 2001 - Futsal is on the right path. The initiative taken by FIFA a few months ago to consolidate the international unification of futsal has climaxed in the signing of an historic accord.

A short time ago an agreement reached between FIFA, the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) and the Pan American Futsal Confederation during the staging of the FIFA Futsal World Championship Guatemala 2000 was ratified in the FIFA headquarters in Zurich.

This means that national associations belonging to the Pan American Futsal Confederation have definitively withdrawn from FIFUSA and accepted the invitation of FIFA to work jointly with its national associations towards the development of the game of futsal.

This accord will be implemented immediately in South America, where differences still prevail between the different futsal organising bodies. It will also open the door to its instant global application, particularly in some countries of Central America, the Caribbean and North America. To ensure rapid and consistent transition during this process, it has been agreed to set up a working group to monitor the situation in those countries where considerable adaptation will be especially necessary.

FIFA General Secretary, Michel Zen-Ruffinen, declared his complete satisfaction with the accord and with the goodwill shown by all parties in building the future of futsal on a firm and solid foundation. Rolando Alarcón, President of the Pan American Futsal Confederation, said he was gratified at the willingness of FIFA to entertain an open dialogue and reiterated his conviction that the accord would have positive consequences for the development of futsal around the world and would constitute a crucial step forward in consolidating futsal at world level under the auspices of FIFA.


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