1. If the cross-bar becomes displaced through breakage or faulty construction in a match played under the rules of a competition and there are no available means of repairing or replacing it, should the match be abandoned?

    Yes. The cross-bar may not be substituted by a rope in order to finish the match.

  2. ls it necessary for flags to be placed at the half-way line?

    No, such flags are optional.

  3. Is it permissible to mark the field of play with dotted or broken lines?

    Dotted or broken lines are not in accordance with Law I and must therefore not be used for marking the field of play.

  4. For a corner-kick, is it permitted to mark the nearest distance which must be kept by players of the opposing team?

    Yes, if it is marked outside the field of play, at right angles and at a specific distance from the goal-line and touch-line respectively and at 9.15 m (10 yards) from the edge of the quarter circle.

  5. If a goalkeeper draws unauthorised marks on the field of play with his foot, what action should the referee take?

    If the referee notices this being done during the match, he need not interrupt the game just to caution the player who is making unauthorised marks on the field of play after the match has been started. The player concerned must be cautioned fur ungentlemanly conduct when there is an interruption in the game. If however the referee notices this before the match starts, then he shall caution the offending player immediately.

  6. The text of the Laws of the Game states: "Nets may be attached". Does this mean that the use of nets is optional?

    Yes. The Law implies it is optional, but it is advisable to attach nets, since a National Association or a competition may enforce it.

  7. Is the area enclosed by the goal-line and the goal nets to be considered as part of the field of play?