1. 45 minutes after the start of the second half of a match, the score is 1-0 in favour of team A and the referee decides to allow two minutes further play to compensate for time lost. During these two minutes, team B scores two goals and wins the match. Is a National Association allowed, for any reason, to consider the two goals scored during the final two minutes as invalid, i.e. can the second half of the match be considered ended after 45 minutes, ignoring the referee's decision.

    The referee's decision is final. All the goals scored during playing time are valid.

  2. During the game a player advancing in counterattack eludes the last but one defender about half-way along the field and near the touch-line. The goalkeeper sprints from the goal to stop the opponent but succeeds only in clearing the ball away from the field of play. Because of his speed the goalkeeper also carries on running off the field and a forward exploits the situation by taking a throw-in quickly and correctly, with the goalkeeper still off the field, and play ends in a goal. What sanction should the referee take?

    No offence has been committed. The goal is valid.

  3. Is it left to the referee's discretion to decide whether lost time (injuries or other causes) are to be compensated or not?

    No, the referee must add on in each half of the game all the time lost. However, the amount of such time is at the discretion of the referee.