The pitch and appurtenances shall be as shown in the following plan:

  1. Dimensions. The pitch shall be rectangular, its length being not more than 42 m nor less than 25 m and its breadth not more than 25 m nor less than 15 m. The length shall in all cases exceed the breadth.

    In international matches the dimensions of the pitch shall be: length, 38 - 42 m, and breadth, 18 - 22 m.

  2. Marking. The pitch shall be marked with distinctive lines, 8 cm wide, in accordance with the plan. The longer boundary lines are called touchlines and the shorter lines goal lines. A halfway line shall be marked across the pitch. The centre of the pitch shall be indicated by a suitable mark and a circle with a 3 m radius shall be marked around it.

  3. The Penalty area. At each end of the pitch, 6 m from each goal post, an arc of a circle having a radius of 6 m, extending into the pitch, shall be drawn at right angles to the goal line. The upper part of this arc shall be a line 3 m in length, exactly parallel to the goal line between the goal posts. The space enclosed by this arc of a circle shall be called the penalty area.

    In the event that the goal lines measure 15 to 16 m, the radius of the arc of the circle shall measure only 4 m.

  4. Penalty mark. A suitable mark shall be indicated 6 m from the mid-point of each goal line, measured along an undrawn line at right angles thereto. This shall be the penalty mark.

  5. Second Penalty Mark. A suitable mark shall be indicated 12 m from the mid-point of each goal line, measured along an undrawn line at right angles thereto. This shall be the second penalty mark.

  6. Substitution zones. On the touchline on the side of the field where the reserves' benches are situated and perpendicular to them, two lines shall be drawn 80 cm in length (40 cm of the line being on the inside of the field and 40 cm on the outside) and at a 3 m distance from the centre line on either side. When players are entering and leaving the field during a substitution, they shall do so between these two 80 cm lines.

  7. The goals. The goals shall be placed on the centre of each goal line and shall consist of two upright posts 3 m apart (inside measurement), joined by a horizontal crossbar, the lower edge of which shall be 2 m from the ground. The width and depth of the crossbars shall be 8 cm. The goal posts and crossbars shall have the same width. Nets shall be attached to the posts and crossbars behind the goals. The lower part shall be supported by curved bars or some other adequate support.

  8. Surface of the pitch. The surface shall be smooth and flat and nonabrasive. The use of wood or synthetic material is recommended whereas concrete or tarmac should be avoided.

    The use of natural turf, synthetic turf or soil is permitted for league matches but not for international matches.

Goal nets. The use of nets made of hemp, jute or nylon is permitted. Nylon strings may, however, not be thinner than those made of hemp or jute.

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