1. Accumulated fouls refer to all the fouls mentioned in LAW XII. Once a team has accumulated five fouls, only direct free kicks will be awarded, regardless of the infringement. A goal may be scored directly from this free kick.

  2. The first five fouls accumulated by each team during each half shall be recorded in the summary of the game.

  3. The free kicks awarded for the first five fouls committed by each team in each half of the game may be defended by a wall of players.

  4. Beginning with the sixth accumulated foul, a wall will no longer be permitted as a defence against the free kick.

    1. Players, with the exception of the defending goalkeeper and the player taking the kick, who has been properly identified, shall remain on the pitch, but behind an imaginary line that is in line with the ball, parallel to the goal line and outside the penalty area.

    2. The goalkeeper shall remain in his penalty area at least 5 m away from the ball.

    3. The opposing team players shall also remain 5 m away from the ball and may not obstruct the player taking the free kick. No player may cross this imaginary line until the ball has travelled the distance equal to its circumference.

    4. The player taking the free kick shall kick the ball with the intention of scoring a goal and shall not pass the ball to another player.

    5. Once the free kick has been taken, no player may touch the ball until it has been touched by the goalkeeper, or has rebounded from the goal post or crossbar, or has left the pitch.

    6. No free kick may be taken from a distance less than 6 m from the goal line (cf. Law XIII (a) ). If an infringement that would normally have resulted in an indirect free kick occurs in the penalty area, then the free kick shall be taken from the 6-m-line on the spot nearest to where the infringement occurred.

    7. After the fifth foul has been committed by either team, if any player commits another foul in the opponents' half of the pitch or in his own half in front of an imaginary line parallel to the halfway line but going through the second penalty mark at 12 m, the free kick shall be taken from that spot on the pitch. The second penalty mark is shown in Law I, 5. and the free kick shall comply with the provisions listed under pt. 4.

    8. If the game extends into extra time, all the fouls that have accrued from the second half of the game continue to accumulate into extra time.

For any infringement of this Law committed:
  1. by the defending team, the kick shall be retaken if a goal has not resulted;

  2. by the attacking team, other than by the player taking the kick, if a goal is scored it shall be disallowed and the kick retaken;

  3. by the player taking the free kick after the ball is in play, a player of the opposing team shall be awarded an indirect free kick from the spot where the infraction occurred.