1. After the match, the commissioner shall remain seated until the referees, assistant referees and players have returned to their dressing rooms. Depending upon the atmosphere in the stadium, it may be advisable for him to watch the spectators leave the stadium for a while to be a witness to any disturbances.

  2. The commissioner shall then go to the teams' dressing rooms to ascertain whether any protests have been made.

  3. The commissioner shall subsequently go to the referee's dressing room to thank the referees and assistant referees.

  4. The commissioner shall discuss any incidents that have occurred during the match with the referee and also check the details of players who were cautioned or sent off. He shall make sure that the referee has filled in his report correctly and objectively (without omitting any incidents). Any points which may seem unclear or irrelevant have to be clarified.

  5. The commissioner shall ensure that the referees, assistant referees and players from both teams may leave the stadium without difficulty. If disturbances are likely, he shall take special precautions with the organisers.

  6. If serious disturbances occur, it is of paramount importance that the commissioner informs FIFA first by phone and then in a written report to be sent immediately by telefax or telex.

  7. The commissioner is requested to remind the referee to send his report including the players' lists of both teams to the FIFA general secretariat by telefax (+41 (1) 384-9696) immediately after the match. The referee shall send FIFA the original of the referee's report and the players' lists by post within 48 hours of the match.

  8. The commissioner shall send his report (score, cautions, expulsions and incidents, if any) to the FIFA general secretariat on the official form by telefax (+41 (1) 384-9696) immediately after the match. Should a telefax not be available he shall notify FIFA by telex (no. 817 240 fif ch) or phone (+41 (1) 384-9595) of the half-time score and the final score and of any incidents. The original of the official report form shall be sent to FIFA by post within 48 hours of the match. He shall also send the daily expense form to FIFA, indicating the name and address of his bank and his bank account number.

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