If the referee declares the pitch unfit for play or if a match is abandoned because of the weather or other reasons of force majeure, the match shall be postponed to a later date.

Should the stadium floodlights break down partly or completely, every step shall be taken to correct the fault immediately. It is advisable to try to switch the lights on again after an interval of 15 - 20 minutes. If the referee and the commissioner are convinced that the damage cannot be repaired and the lighting is no longer sufficient to continue the match, the referee is entitled to abandon it. Only the referee shall decide how long the game may be interrupted before being abandoned. Under no circumstances may the teams make this decision. In such an event, it is important to establish whether the failure is confined solely to the stadium or whether an entire neighbourhood around the stadium has been affected.

FIFA will investigate the cause and the possible consequences of the power failure. For this purpose, FIFA will require a detailed and accurate report.

In all such cases, it is the commissioner's duty to report the situation immediately to the FIFA general secretariat.

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