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Match officials for the 2002
FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan"

Match officials
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Meeting today in Zurich, the FIFA Referees’ Committee named the 36 referees and 36 assistant referees for the 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan" (cf. list attached). All 72 of them (34 referees and 33 assistant referees were appointed in 1998 in France) officiated at a number of qualifiers for this year’s FIFA World Cup", during which their performances were thoroughly assessed.

Press Rate Card
The 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan" is the first World Cup ever to be co-hosted by two countries, Korea and Japan. This unique situation means that each LOC has to organize all the necessary media facilities, infrastructure and services, in a supreme effort to provide optimum working conditions to accredited media representatives from all over the world.

koreaorganising committee

The Korea International Media Center (IMC) will be set up in the COEX exhibition center in Seoul, with a surface area of some 37,000sq.m. The Main Press Center (MPC) section, consisting of an area of some 7,000sq.m., will provide press representatives not only with information, but also practical services. A Rate Card is available from the Korea LOC that includes information on procedures and prices for renting all items available at the MPC and SMCs.

  Telecom rate card (75k)
  Korea IMC rate card (100k)

The Japan International Media Center (IMC) will be set up in the Pacifico Yokohama exhibition hall, with a surface area of some 20,000sq.m. The Main Press Center (MPC) section of some 10,000sq.m. will provide press representatives not only with information but also practical services including telecommunication, computers, photocopying, and so on. A Rate Card is available from the Japan LOC that includes information on procedures and prices for renting all items available at the MPC and SMCs.
  Telecom rate card (81k)
  Japan rate card (100k)

Host Broadcast Services
Host Broadcast Services (HBS) is the dedicated Host Broadcast Organisation that has been established for the 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan".

As Host Broadcaster, HBS's mission is to provide FIFA World Cup Broadcast Partners with the fullest international radio and television coverage of the 64 matches on the competition schedule.

A second equally important responsibility is the provision of unilateral production, transmission and commentary facilities and services in keeping with the Broadcast Partners' requirements.

HBS will design, build, set up and manage the International Broadcast Centres (IBCs) in Korea and Japan as well as the multilateral and unilateral broadcast facilities at the IBCs and the 20 football stadiums where the matches will be played.

Visit FIFAworldcup.com for news and information on the 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan".
Media Centre
Official “Korea/Japan” song to be collaboration between four groups
FIFA protects its intellectual property
Members of the media are welcome to contact the FIFA media office at: . Media only please.
Trademark Information
Message from the FIFA President and General Secretary
Information Sheet
The information sheet provides the answers to some of the questions often asked by print and broadcast Media about the 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan" and shows how the media can use some of the Trade Marks of the event. (500k)

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